About Chet Vamp

Xander van Dijk (Chet Vamp) was born in Leiden, The Netherlands. His passion for music expressed itself as he started composing music and writing songs at a young age. With these songs he competed in Stacey Rookhuizen’s Dutch Delight, made it to the Benelux finale of Global Battle of the Bands at the age of 15, supplied soundtracks for short films and series and recorded EP’s with various bands. This led to a study at the Conservatory of Rotterdam.

Meanwhile he started working for a local TV station where developed his interest for film. He founded a small music- and film production company: Eigenheimers.

About the album

Xander teamed up with Grammy nominated producer Attie Bauw (Racoon, De Staat, The Scorpions, Bootsy Collins & Maceo Parker) for the recordings of Songs For The Road. For a year they had a couple of sessions a month where they played through the songs to come up with a concept.

When the time was right they contacted other musicians to get involved. The idea was to book a studio for a short period of time and record the whole album live, without rehearsals or meetings in advance. On the spot they would pick a song out of the 30 or so written for the album, start playing it acoustically and once everyone got the structure and ideas for arrangements; record it in a couple of takes.

Creating in the heat of the moment

That way they recorded 15 songs in 5 days. The team consisted of Angelo de Rijke (Anouk) on guitar, Thijs Boontjes (Douwe Bob) on keys, Nana Effah-Bekoe (Sue The Night) on bass, Boudewijn Bauw (Martha Jane & The Talisman) on drums and Xander van Dijk (Chet Vamp) on guitar & vocals. It was really refreshing to leave everything open till the very last moment, making room for every instrument to interact with each other during the recording process: creating in the heat of the moment.